Education Lighting Solutions

Project overview

We have a multitude of solutions for educational facilities. The correct lighting can reduce maintenance, increase efficiency, and lower energy costs.

The quality of light will impact both the student and educator’s comfort and productivity.

Deliver a positive learning environment for schools with lighting and lighting controls solutions that help light the way to success, and serve a unique value to all. Create energy efficient spaces while providing quality lighting.

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

Fluorescent lights were the norm in schools for decades. But studies have shown that low-quality fluorescents can negatively impact staff and students. More school systems are opting for LED lights. Here are some of the benefits:

Tunable White for Classrooms

Tunable white promotes an intellectually stimulating learning environment and can greatly benefit educational facilities. The Tunable White dynamic feature fosters a sense of passage of time, or circadian rhythm, and enables the creation of scenes and modes that can be aligned with key activities that require occupants be more focused, relaxed or energetic. It is best used in spaces where occupant experience and performance are important, like classrooms.

Lights that can handle students

Flying basketballs, rowdy students, or debauchery in your stairwells? Find an encompassing portfolio of lighting solutions for vandal – prone environments. They are impact resistant for physical abuse, gasketed to stand up against environmental abuse, and can fulfill all of your interior or exterior vandal resistant needs.