We can create a plan for your interior lighting project. Recommending the type and quantity needed and the right light balance. You need products that are going to stand up to the elements and are energy efficient

LED Linear High Bays w/Color and Watt Selectable

Our LED Linear Highbay lights are designed to brighten big indoor areas with high ceilings. These lights are designed with high lumens to project light out and down.

Linear Highbay LEDs deliver excellent energy savings compared to similar linear fluorescent and HID fixtures. They feature a 5000K color temperature with a high 84 CRI. Which provides excellent visual acuity and illumination. These new fixtures deliver over 50% in energy savings and boasts at a rated life of up to 90,000 hours.

While HID lamps have been the light source of choice in the past for large, high-ceiling structures, Linear Highbay LED fixtures are the most energy efficient option available today. They focus light more directly, creating strong, long-range illumination, and are ideal for use in warehouses, recreation centers, and storage facilities. Highbay LED lighting enhances workplace productivity by improving both in-house visibility and safety.

high bay led lighting - gen x lighting

Color & Wattage Selectable

high bay led lighting - gen x lighting

Color & Wattage Selectable

UFO High Bay

Versatile and efficient lighting solution, perfect for a range of industrial and commercial applications. With selectable lumen outputs and color temperatures, it offers customization to meet specific lighting requirements.

UFO High bay lighting - Gen X Lighting

UFO High Bay

LED Mini Architectural Panel Light

These Panel lights are ideal for use in residential, offices, schools, healthcare, and many other commercial applications.

LED Flat Panel, Basket Panel and Surface Mount Color and Wattage Selectable

Panel lights are designed for both residential and commercial applications. These light fixture are made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights, and are designed to mount on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings.

LED panel lights deliver a smooth and flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots. Panel lights allow versatility, these fixtures can be mounted on numerous surfaces and used in multiple applications. Whether you want to replace your existing fluorescent troffer light fixture or start a new construction project, panel lighting is an innovative and energy efficient alternative.

1x4 LED Flat Panel LIght - Gen X lighting

1 X 4 Flat LED Back Panel

2x2 flat panel led light - gen x lighting

2 x 2 Flat Square LED Back Panel

Strip Fixtures

Strip Fixture EarthTronics - Gen X Lighting

24″ Color & Wattage Selectable

Earthtronics strip traditional

48″ Color & Wattage Selectable

Vapor Tight

Vapor tight fixtures are sealed with gaskets intended for settings where there is potential for contaminates such as dust, humidity, and water.

Vapor Tight LED Light - Gen X Lighting

24″ Vapor Tight Color & Wattage Selectable

48″ Color & Wattage Selectable

Retro Fit

Vapor tight fixtures are sealed with gaskets intended for settings where there is potential for contaminates such as dust, humidity, and water.

halco retrofit HID led light - gen xlighting

24″ Vapor Tight Color & Wattage Selectable

Halco retrofit HID LED Lamp - gen x lighting

HID High Bay Retrofit Lamp

Halco Omni Retrofit - Gen X Lighting

Omnidirectional Retrofit Lamp

ProLED Selectable HID Highbay Retrofit Lamp

LEDQuant 3 inch recessed square

Recessed LED Retrofit Trim

EarthTronic 6 Inch Recessed - Gen X Lighting

700 Lumen 9 Watt 6″ IC Rated Downlight Fixture

4 inch slim EarthTronics - Downlight

4″ Slim Downlight 650 Lumen Color Selectable

LED Lamps

Whether you have a new construction project or are retrofitting outdated lighting, you’ll find an extensive catalog of LED lights and bulbs for interiors, exteriors, commercial and industrial applications, and residential lighting.

EarthTronics High Lumen Lamp

9600 Lumen 80 Watt LED High Lumen H.I.D Replacement

7560 Lumen 54 Watt LED Post Light H.I.D Replacement

Earthtroncis PAR Bulb

1200 Lumen 12.5 Watt PAR38 EarthBulb LED

7.5 watt BR20 EarthBulb LED Floodlight

3-Way EarthBulb LED

10 Watt LED 4-Pin Plug In Full Radial Illumination

330 Lumens BA10 Clear Filament LED

350 Lumens G25 Filament LED

30 Lumens ST19 Vintage Clear Filament LED