We can create a plan for your lighting project. Recommending the type and quantity needed and the right light balance. You need products that are going to stand up to the elements and are energy efficient


When you need to regulate the voltage, we have what you need.

halco ballasts

Ballasts Lamp Connection

Halco Ballasts HID

Electromagnetic HID Ballasts

Fluorescent ballasts halco

 Fluorescent Ballasts

Linear, U Bend Tubes & Drives

halco linear T5

Fluorescent Linear T5 Tube

halco t8 driver

T8 Linear Tube Driver

halco dimming driver

Dimming Driver

Halco T8 type b VersaConnect

T8 Type B with end Caps Coated Glass

Motion, PIR, Microwave Sensors – Bluetooth and Non Bluetooth and Photocells

halco PIR sensor

Passive Infrared  Motion Sensor

Halco microwave sensor

Microwave Sensor

Highbay sensor

Highbay Motion Control Sensor

Earthronics Bluetooth Sensor

Bluetooth® Mesh Sensor
with PIR & Daylight Harvesting

LED MYPlace 360 Motion sensor

360° 3 Step Dimming Motion & Daylight Sensor for Linear High bay

microwave sensor

Screw-in Microwave Sensor for Sensor-Ready Products

Lighting Controls

Halco lighting control

Linear Highbay Microwave Motion Control Sensor Remote

Earthtronics Mesh Wall Control

Bluetooth® Mesh Wall Control

RC-100 remote lighting

RC-100 Sensor Remote

Fixture Controllers

Earthtronis Fixture Controller Non Bluetooth

Fixture Controller Non Bluetooth

Earthtronics Controller bluetooth

Fixture Controller Bluetooth

Bluetooth® Mesh / Single Channel Fixture Controller Sensor Ready